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When it comes to pain management, an accurate diagnosis is crucial. We know that healthcare providers are constrained by both a lack of applied knowledge and time. Pain simply does not get the attention it requires which leads to misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment of pain-related conditions. One of Lumina's key goals is to assist healthcare providers to achieve diagnostic accuracy, pre-consultation which is why we have worked with leading pain specialists from around the world to develop proprietary condition-specific digital diagnostic and classification aids. Post diagnosis, we provide an evidence-based treatment roadmap and tools to track patient progress and promote patient adherence.

We spoke to some of our Lumina Sages about the topic of diagnosing pain: Dr. André Botha, M.D., Prof. André Boezaart M.D., PH.D., Prof. Peter Staats M.D., MBA, and Prof. Chester "Trip" Buckenmaier III M.D., Col (Ret).


More on Lumina's diagnostic tools 

A Lumina Program subscription will give you access to a proprietary, condition-specific online tool developed by Lumina to assess the characteristics of a patient’s pain and other symptoms, pre-consultation. The diagnostic aid equips healthcare providers with an accurate suggested diagnosis allows them to confirm the diagnosis and present a treatment plan for the patient at the end of their first consultation.

The programs that we currently offer, with the Lumina Diagnostic Tool, are for Primary Headaches and FibromyalgiaWe will be releasing more programs over the coming months, if you'd like to find out as soon as a new program has been launched, please complete this quick form