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Treating primary headaches

The brain, treating primary headaches

The Lumina Solution

A doctor guiding a patient through the diagnosis and management of primary headache-related pain

The Lumina Solution

It has been developed by some of the world’s leading experts in Primary Headaches and pain management to:
Achieve diagnostic accuracy

Achieve diagnostic accuracy

Apply patient-centric treatment

Apply patient-centric treatment


Provide continuous care for patient empowerment

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For Patients

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Access to our certified network

For patients living with primary headaches, we will refer you to certified Lumina healthcare providers who has access to a proprietary diagnostic tool and the evidence-based care plan which will guide your treatment.

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A Look at the Lumina Patient Companion, an app that allows you to track and take ownership of your pain

Lumina Patient Companion

We’ll provide you with a dedicated app that allows you to track your pain. This data goes straight to your healthcare provider, so they have an always-on view of your progress. You’ll also have access to Lumina content which will help you understand, manage, and take ownership of your treatment.

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Help me with my pain

For Healthcare Providers

Diagnostic Aid
Evidence-based treatment guide
Efficient aftercare
Lumina Medical Academy
Lumina Collaborative