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Introducing the Lumina Medical Academy

Onboarding_Medical Academy

A community committed to the management of pain

For people living with pain, Lumina Pain provides digital solutions powered by the knowledge of the world’s leading pain management experts and connects them with healthcare providers who can play an active role in improving their quality of life.


Get help for your pain

We pair you with healthcare providers who have access to the tools and clinically proven care plans needed to treat your pain.

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Healthcare providers

Access a pain management service

Explore pioneering care plans, innovative technology, tools, and educational resources that improve patient outcomes.

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The Lumina solution



We empower patients to take control of their pain management and we give healthcare providers the technology, tools, and guidance to improve patient outcomes.



We provide innovative platforms and solutions designed to nurture continuous learning and communication and change the way pain is treated and managed.



Our pain management network connects experienced and world-renowned specialists devoted to improving pain management with patients and healthcare providers from around the world.

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Executive Summaries

Pain management papers

When it comes to the topic of pain, we know that the lack of access to verified, evidence-based educational materials is a challenge for healthcare providers. We endeavor to mitigate this challenge by keeping healthcare providers abreast of the latest verified information and innovation in pain management. 

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Moving beyond pain

Lumina Programs give healthcare providers what they need to treat patients living with acute, perioperative, cancer-related, or chronic pain. In turn, patients get access to vetted, evidence-based materials and tailored solutions relevant to their pain management journey.

Primary Headaches

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Cervical Spine

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Chronic Low Back Pain

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Shoulder Pain

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Knee Pain

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