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The Lumina Patient Companion is an app we have created that enables you to take ownership of your primary headache treatment journey. 

Empowering you: Because understanding your headaches and treatments is essential to overcoming your pain, your Patient Companion shares content about your condition and treatment, content you care about. It will tell you stories, reveal facts, and offer guidance. After all, what good is a traveling buddy without good conversation? 

Tracking your progress: To make sure the journey you and your doctor mapped out is the right one for you, your Patient Companion will regularly ask you questions about your headaches, mood, behavior, symptoms, and thinking. Your answers will help your doctor follow your progress, fine-tune your diagnosis, and tweak your care plan to ensure you manage your pain better.

The Lumina Patient Companion is available to patients of Lumina certified healthcare providers. Please complete a quick onboarding form which helps us identify the area of your pain and match you with a healthcare provider in your area so you can start treatment.