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The purpose of CPD is “to assist health professionals to maintain and acquire new and updated levels of knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes that will be of measurable benefit in professional practice and to enhance and promote professional integrity."

By completing certain short courses and programs on the Lumina Medical Academy, you can now qualify for CPD points in South Africa.

Pain management education 

Pain is under indexed in medical education. It simply does not get the attention it requires which leads to misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment of pain-related conditions. Globally, the average time spent on pain care education in medical schools is 15 hours and training is generalized and aims to provide an overview of pain and treatment options. 

Lumina is on a mission to change that. We present the knowledge healthcare providers need to understand and treat pain-related conditions in a single location. Lumina’s self-directed courses, diagnostic tools, condition-specific treatment programs, and community have all been created to change the face of pain management.

The Lumina Medical Academy

The Lumina Medical Academy  presents digital learning and continuous professional development focused on enhancing diagnostics, clinical steps, and modalities to improve patient outcomes. Content is co-created by a collaborative of independent and internationally recognized experts and specialists and has been developed in such a way that they can be done at one's own pace. You can now qualify for CPD Points in South Africa by completing full and short courses on the Academy, and we will be launching CME Points soon. 

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